Snapshot Number 199

I opened the bottom drawer of my wardrobe yesterday and all my wool was looking at me. Mostly pretty pastel colours from a blanket I started at the van last Summer which I still need to finish. I tidied the drawer up a bit and then chose a few of the colours and brought them downstairs. From nowhere I had the urge to make something.  

I was only in the mood for a little project that I knew I could start and finish in a day or two. I don't feel up to having anything hanging around and on my mind at the moment, so after a bit of thinking I settled on a little bag. The colours remind me of unicorns that I see everywhere I go lately so I added a few 'twizzles' and I'm going to order a small unicorn motif to sew on in the corner.

Thoroughly enjoyed having the hook out again, but glad it was a quick project :)


Snapshot Number 198

Amy is back at Uni and the house feels very odd without her. She was home for just over 3 weeks and it'll take some getting used to her not being around. No running out of cups because they're all in her bedroom, no overflowing laundry basket, no knocks on the door at midnight to find a pizza delivery man stood there! Maybe it's because I'm feeling slightly emotional after the funeral but I'm already missing her more than when she first started Uni. My biggest miss will be not sitting together on the sofa watching a film and drinking tea. 

It's been a quiet weekend. The weather is miserable but I've been out for some fresh air walking the dogs, although my knee is playing me up a bit at the moment. Mark was out all day and Thomas has been in his room on the Xbox and answering texts that a girl is sending him!! Keep your hands off my boy, young ladies :)

I've floated between time on-line looking at pretty quilts and blankets, housework, reading and drinking far too much tea accompanied by far too much cake. I usually have a stock of fruit teas in for January so need to buy some next week as an alternative to endless cups of caffeine. I'm trying to build some enthusiasm up for crocheting, sewing or getting a jigsaw out, but I'm not quite there yet. But Call The Midwife starts tonight so I'm looking forward to that. 

These flowers were part of a bouquet I made up. They're called Brassica and according to google they are from the mustard family which includes kale, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, cauliflowers and turnips. I've never bought them before but I think they're absolutely gorgeous. 


Snapshot Number 197

The funeral was simple but lovely. We walked in to the theme tune from Last of the Summer Wine, a programme Joan loved to watch. Thomas read the poem She Is Gone and did a superb job. We listened to Somewhere by Matt Monroe, the same song we chose for Tom's funeral and said our final goodbyes to the instrumental version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The flowers looked lovely and I brought some home to press and put in a memory box. Sandwiches, cake and drinks back at the house finished the day off perfectly. 


Snapshot Number 196

I've been doing a bit of housework today so that it looks presentable for after the funeral tomorrow. I don't think there will be many people there, just us and maybe half a dozen extended family members at the most but that's how Joan would have liked it. 

I've also been doing flowers. There was never going to be a huge display for the top of the coffin. Amy and Thomas wanted individual roses for Grandma and Matthew also wanted 3 roses, one each from him, Sophie and Sienna. From ourselves we wanted something simple and classic that reflected Joan. I was quoted £40 for the roses, and £50 for a simple bouquet of 7 cream roses with a few bits of greenery. Now it's not like we can't afford that but mention funeral or wedding and you can't help but feel it's open season to be ripped off. So I've done the flowers myself. When you think they will be in the hearse for 10 minutes, on the coffin for 30 minutes and then they'll be laid somewhere and left it suddenly all seemed a bit silly. It sort of grew from there and Mum and Aunty Edith asked me to do theirs. So, I've made 6 lots of flowers up today and all for less than the price of the bouquet I asked about. 

I absolutely know for a fact Joan would be aghast if we'd paid nearly £100 for flowers. So not only is it a personal touch from us to her, it's also a tribute to her financially :) I can feel her looking down on me and nodding her head in approval. 



Snapshot Number 195

We've had a lovely weekend. We picked Sienna up on Saturday and the plan was to take her to the donkey sanctuary until we found out it's shut the first Saturday of every month. Never mind, something to bear in mind for the future. She brought her dolly and pram with her so we took them shopping and then for a couple of walks. She's a good little walker. Not like mine. Amy used to run everywhere with me panting behind her shouting STOP and Thomas was the total opposite, I used to have to drag him along - not much different now really lol. 

I went to church with Mum this morning, then came home to put the finishing touches to a roast chicken dinner which I really enjoyed. We've spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling on the sofa. 

Thomas is back to school tomorrow so that means I'm making packed lunches again. The school terms are quite short this side of Christmas - 6 weeks, 6 weeks, 5 weeks then 7 weeks. I know it'll go in a flash, term time after Christmas always does. And it'll be 14th January before Amy returns to Uni and everything is back to normal here at Number 38 which means half of January will also have gone. I'm a bit sad about that. I'm different to most people in that I love January because it's such a long month. I like time passing by slowly.

Here's Sienna watching The Hungry Caterpillar. When she's had enough of listening to that or The Gruffalo she gets my phone, makes us sing nursery rhymes and records us. I won't subject you to that though! 


Snapshots Number 194

Popped into Middleton today for a couple of bits. Most of Christmas seems to have already disappeared from the shops, just the odd shelf or two with bits and bobs on. I couldn't even find any cards or crackers which is really unusual, although I did notice there didn't seem as many things on the shelves to start with this year. 

Afterwards we went to Mum's for a brew. I came home with some tangerines, kiwi fruit, homemade bread and some 'health balls' she'd made. No idea what else to call them really but they are a little bit like a truffle and are absolutely scrumptious. They're just oats, cocoa powder, peanut butter and chopped dates mixed together and then rolled in chopped nuts. A good way to start the New Year I think. Although I still have a box of champagne truffles to work my way through as well ;)


Snapshot Number 193

1st January 2019 - I love the start of a new year and the anticipation of seeing what it will bring for us all. For sure there will be good things and bad, after all that's life. For me the most important thing is how I deal with things that crop up that determines on 31st December whether I look back on the year with a feeling of satisfaction or not. 

I'm not choosing words or resolutions this year. I'm just going to take each day as it comes and try to live it the way I want to. If that happens to be simply sitting with a book and a cup of tea then so be it. 

The trees and decs came down today and Number 38 is slowly returning back to normal. I can do the surface stuff quite quickly but there's a lot behind the scenes that now needs to be sorted out - Joan's paperwork etc and I'd like that done sooner rather than later. Long time readers and friends will know I like to sort things like this out quickly otherwise I have a tendency to feel dragged down by them. The instant relief and lightness I feel from sorting paperwork or tidying a messy wardrobe is wonderful :)

One of my favourite jobs today has been sitting down with a brew and transferring special dates and birthdays to my new calendar and diary. I chose a floral design this year and the pictures are beautiful. 

Hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve and that the first day of 2019 was a good one for you.