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Snapshot Number 207

For some people today will be the last day of winter and tomorrow heralds the first day of spring, although I'm sticking with the 20th March :) 

But I thought I'd jump on the meteorological band-wagon because with the end of winter and the arrival of spring comes a time for fresh starts and new beginnings and it seemed a good time to have a think about my blog. After a little ponder I've decided along with winter, I'm putting Snapshots to bed for a while. 

No doubt I'll return to it at some point but I don't expect it will be for a while, so out of courtesy and because I don't just want to disappear, I'm popping on to say 'ta-ta' for now. xx

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Snapshot Number 206

Here I am again with several days having passed since my last post. Honestly, I don't know how I used to find things to write about on a daily basis and I daren't look back to see because I have a feeling it may have been utter drivel lol. 

I'm feeling extra miffed today that the caravan site isn't open. It's beautiful here and a couple of days away over the half term would have been perfect. Never mind we're going next weekend and for the first time it will be just me and Mark. Amy is coming home to look after the dogs and Thomas asked if he could stay home with her. She was quite keen, it'll be some company for her and they get on really well, so no problems there. Think a couple of her friends will be here also so it'll be fun for Thomas. I just need to leave a mountain of sausages and money for McD's and they're sorted ;)

Did a little bit of shopping in the week as usual and had coffee with Mum. I picked up these gorgeous little primroses from the market. I decided to steer away from my usual choice of pale lemon and go for pink instead. I may be in my 50's but I am such a rebel! 

Not sure what to do with myself today. I needed to get the sewing machine out in the week to do something for Mark but didn't feel inspired to make anything and was quite happy to put it away. I have a half finished hat on the hook which I need to finish off but I don't feel like doing that either. I think I may get the jigsaw out. Where I sit to do it the sun will be on my back and it'll be nice to warm the old bones up a little bit. 

Hope you're all well and enjoying equally good weather where you are. xx


Snapshot Number 205

We had a lovely weekend with Amy home for her birthday. She chose summer berry birthday cake this year and I have to say I was secretly pleased, it's absolutely delicious, even if I do say so myself. I knew Thomas wouldn't try any so I made some buns for him instead. 

She requested money as her main present but little gifts of wine, chocolates etc. were given so she had something to open. 

This year will be her last teen one, which is hard to believe. I know I say it every year, but I really don't know where the years have gone. 

Not sure when I last posted a photo of her so thought I'd pop one on for posterity. She didn't take much persuading, she's outgrown that self conscious stage of a young teen and is happily embracing life fully according to the Uni stories she relates to us! Her nickname in the flat is Wednesday because she's always dressed in black - taken from the Addams Family. The reason she's slanted is her and Thomas were pushing and pulling each other and Thomas was taking the mickey out of her by copying her poses. Siblings! I love it :) 


Snapshot Number 204

What a lovely day. The french doors are wide open, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing. It feels good to be able to let the outside in. This week I feel as though I've finally woken up from what can only be described as a winter of hibernation and I'm noticing Mother Nature is starting to make some small changes. 

One of my favourite things at this time of year are daffodils. I cannot feel anything other than pure joy at seeing these bright cheery flowers in a vase. I absolutely love them. 

Amy is home this weekend. It's her birthday on Monday and for the first time in 18 years she won't be home on the day. Her birthday always fell in half term when she was at school but they don't have half terms at University so it's lectures as normal for her. Not to worry. She's staying over Saturday and has opted for a celebration takeaway and on Sunday I'll do a small afternoon tea and invite Mum down to see her before we take her back in the evening. 

The drops seem to have worked in Thomas' ears which I'm glad about. I've never had my ears syringed but a couple of people have said it's not exactly a pleasant experience. The GP wasn't even sure the nurse would do it with him only being 13. 

Amy wants to see Sienna while she's home so we're picking her up for a few hours on Saturday. It's also Sophie's birthday next week and her and Matthew are going out Saturday night so Sienna is having a sleepover at her other Granny and Grandad's house. I'll ask how she got on and if it's a good report hopefully she'll be able to spend a night or two with us at the van this year. 

And once again, that's about it. We find ourselves in the middle of a lot of form filling regarding probate, which is actually more straightforward then we were led to believe, well so far, touch wood. Apart from that life is ticking over quietly for which I'm grateful. 

Hope you are all keeping well. xx


Snapshot Number 204

Goodness, is it really a week since I've been on here. I've not even got anything of much interest to report, it's been a very quiet week at Number 38. Just long slow days of nothingness which have been enjoyable but I feel ready to liven myself up and do something. Just not sure what! 

We had Sienna on Saturday. Her talking is coming on a treat and we can understand exactly what she's saying which must be less frustrating for her. She's such a little treasure, I really look forward to seeing her and can't wait to take her to the van with us at some point this year. Here she is with her best friend. Wendy follows her everywhere, although I should point out it's not out of loyalty, it's in case Sienna drops something she can eat :)
Had to take Thomas to the Doctors after school yesterday. He keeps complaining of noises in his ear which he describes as humming or whistling. It hasn't been so bad this week but it's driven him crackers the past fortnight. He's not had a cold or anything so I can't put it down to that. He generally doesn't complain about anything so the fact he kept mentioning it made me make an appointment. The Doc took a look in each ear and the verdict is wax. Lots of wax apparently. She couldn't even see his ear drum. So he's got some ear drops and we have to see how it goes for a week. 

And really that's about it. I'm still crocheting hats, reading a book called Orphan Boys and getting totally caught up in Brexit. 

Hope everybody is keeping well. x


Snapshot Number 203

Good new on the house front for Amy. The girl who pulled out had another change of heart and they've all sent off their deposits now, so hopefully that's that sorted out. 

I've spent a lot of time crocheting hats this week. My wool stash and caravan are definitely woven together at the moment. I decided all my little odds and ends needed to be used up so that when the site opens in March one of my first outings will be to the wool shop to stock up on some new colours. At some point these will be going to Little Dresses for Africa with a few other things. 

I managed to find some iron on unicorns this week for the bags I made and I think they look quite sweet. 

We had a bit of snow on Tuesday but nothing much to speak of really. Certainly nothing like down South. No idea if it's heading our way or not but what I do know is Thomas will be most annoyed if it lands here at weekend when school is shut. He's desperate for a snow day haha.